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It's a word that many people use, but almost nobody actually considers.
For example: Saying something like "the first african-american in space," specifying their ethnicity separates them from other groups, and cancels the anti-racism intended by the statement.
Saying that someone is an ethnicity, to help identify them, is not racist. People of different geographical origin have different genetics and attributes.
Terms like "mexican-american" and "japanese-american" only extenuate racism. People from canada living in america aren't called "canadian-americans," are they? If you live in america, that makes you an american. if you live in japan, you're japanese. Deal with it.
Calling someone a racist, especially when they aren't, makes you look like an idiot or an asshole. People have their own opinions, and if you show them that you don't fit in with a stereotype, than they might change their opinion. As long as they aren't bothering anyone, they're only hurting themselves.
The law in arizona, about illegal immigrants, isn't racist. It's just basic logic. In the south, anyone who illegally immigrates isn't going to be any ethnicity other than mexican or latino. If you think that's racist, you should stop and think for a moment.
Getting a scholarship because of your ethnicity is bullshit, no matter how you spin it. Succeed on your own.
If you're going to move to a country, learn the local language first. Don't expect them to change for you.
Nobody's going to say "that african-american fellow," they're going to say "that black guy," because it's easier.
Proclaiming every crime against black people to be a 'hate crime' only makes you look like a dick. Sometimes, believe it or not, things aren't based on race.
Making jokes based on absurd racial stereotypes (as long as they're actually funny) tends to highlight just how ridiculous the stereotypes are. So don't feel bad when you laugh (unless you're actually racist, in which case you should feel bad).
I'm not racist. I don't give any fucks when it comes to race.

That is all.
Peace and shit.
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April 5, 2012


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