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I just haven't typed it yet...
Don't judge me.

I'm working on an epic tale of randomness and justice. And mindfucks. Because everyone loves mindfucks. Actually, I mindfucked myself with it, whilst writing it. Which was awesome. I'll type some of that... Soon.

Should I be doing my first things of the new year? And making resolutions?

OOOOHHH. I have two resolutions in one. I'll exercise whilst writing on meh new tablet! I'll kill two birds with one internet! And I might try and be a bit less antisocial... NAH.

Borderlands is cool, by the way. *COUGHS* Brock *COUGHS* you should *CHOKES* get it and play with me. *SUFFOCATES*

I also created my own thingamawatchie. "If the pen is mightier then the sword; the pencil must be mightier than an AK-47, and Word processors must be atomic bombs."
Yup. Word= Tactical Nuke.

Here's a random bit of conversation for you. (They're talking about zombies)

"Are they too stupid to open doors?" I asked the girl, who was panting beside me.
She scoffed. "More like too smart. They're weaker in sunlight, and smart enough to realize it. They're hunters of opportunity."

Don't worry, the zombies are only in Riften, and a certain powerful being will soon 'pwn dem nubz'.

Yup. That's about it.

Thanks for reading this, if you did. I hope you'll be excited for (or at least not dread) this story!
Arcane-Boomeus Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Student Writer
First derp of the year. I accidentally deleted one of my Skyrim files... Oh well, it was only like twenty hours. (I'm actually not very upset, I wasn't really planning on much more...)
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